Out of the box

A few days back the results for the medical and engineering entrance exam came up and like every year the result was predictable , only 7000 students out of nearly 1,00,000 or perhaps even more passed! in such a case the probability of getting selected for an average student who is undoubtedly talented but not “good enough ” as they say turns out to be very less.

In such a case if we deviate from our path and unwillingly settle for a mediocre course is so not fair ! infact we should definitely deviate ourselves way too far from this rat race where the end is not predictable and unsatisfactory and in turn use our “ordinariness” in such a way that we emerge out of this typical functioning and actually empty our bucket list 😀 .

A year ago I attended a career guidance seminar in which professionals  who excelled in their respective fields provided us guidance regarding different bifurcations offered in fields of science , commerce and arts. The seminar was quite informative however the speech narrated by the principal of Narsee monjee college caught my eye. Along with explaining the fields commerce could offer ,he also came up with the concept of outgrowing one’s thought process and not just “think” , instead modify the saying “spare the rod,spoil the child” with “spare the modulation,spoil the brain.”

For instance , he came up with an example of the business section.While he was meandering in a local mall, alongside the expensive chanel and fendi shop was a shoe dry- cleaning shop, he entered and conversed with the young lad who owned the shop. The youngster came up with the idea while he himself used to observe people with lavish lifestyles at malls who were never satisfied with a dormant lifestyle and hence would try their best to bring about randomness by escalating their level of lucullan living.

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The next example is from the food section, in which the concept of “change being the new constant ” works, emerging out to be “wanted” is very difficult but the quotient of tactics makes one’s way …way too easy!. Recently I saw an interview of a leading dosa chain owner on a food channel who has not acquired a major degree , however while he came with the idea of establishing a dosa restaurant offering more than 140 types of dosas there was zero probability of  Indians not getting attracted towards this idea and now he has set up chains of his company in every possible mall of the country!. While the lady jassuben from Gujarat who had been a topic of interest for many news channels while they described the development in Gujarat. The lady transubstantiated the Italian flavours by mixing indian spices and got hold over entire Gujarat with her indo-italian pizza, and now her sons handle chains in france (the fashion and food capital)! while they still run the original shack as a souvenir.Talking of different courses and cuisines dessert is the most important!.Recently the famous ice cream chain “hokey-pokey” arranged an event for the food bloggers to try a hand at making their own flavours and winning prizes.


Leaving aside the business section and inclining a little towards literature where creativity has no boundaries yet its acceptance is difficult but gradual.Take for instance the play “the sound of music”- the concept of  a nun giving up her sanctity for a soldier is completely out of the box!; and the most fascinating fact regarding the following play is that it wasn’t designed in recent years it has been more of a tradition in the diary of plays past a long time…


Another instance is of a play in New york about which I read an article.An Indian actor travelled to New york and spectated a play in which the different characters of the play were set free to play their respective roles at the same time ! hence the spectators had to travel to different rooms to analyse the character and its being instead of visualizing the entire play before themselves!.

Speaking of creativity ,science can also be experimented in its own terms, it is such a vast field and it has so much to offer however I have seen students get stuck at mainly two major professions of science and don’t really focus where they are heading cause they don’t really make efforts to push their priorities a little ahead. Becoming a doctor and an engineer has its own pros and cons but why simply provide blind competition to the sci fi’s only in these two fields. There are umpteenth  sections say genetics, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmacy,scientific journalism! etc etc

Education does matter but  in the end it should be  efficient enough to be able to provide us a luxurious life and not simply relish us with a bread with no butter! Hence dominating a particular monotonous field makes no sense… it is time for us to open the windows of common sense and literally compare different bifurcations and its efficiency so that we are  able to perform what we love instead of going against our interests and sobbing the rest of our lives for not being able to achieve the high standards just because we were talented but not “good enough” in that section!.


-ami sanghvi

The day our horse went mad.

I often find t “the east meets the west” movies quite intriguing…because the simple basic substratum of their cultures do not coincide! infact , they turn out to be completely  dysfunctional  in each others world..say for instance, the bride in India wears an eye-catchy and gravid red dress where she transforms into a model of darwinism for a day while the western bride prefers a decent , lubricious white gown which embraces her simplicity , modesty and honour. The diametricity hops in when we find out that white is the colour for a widow in india!.

Leaving these ponderous examples aside , our daily life practices also clash in terms of functionality – we have our steering wheels on the right hand side while they have it on the left, they turn on their electrical gadgets by turning the switch upwards while we put them down.

Well, I myself am a proud Indian ,however earlier I used to resent the idea of going to a rural place – the discomfort that is served in the name of  culture, purity  and consideration of our villages to be a “chamois” idea which soon will be transformed into a “catastrophe” seemed completely false :/ .

The  sudden trip to a village did admonish my thoughts …  by the time I was informed I was not left with much time to think how much I hated going for such ventures ! , the very next day after the usual process of renting a room blah blah blah,we landed early morning at a tea stall , the  scene indeed was different..all the chaos  that I rectify every morning suddenly  diminished for that day – there we met a local boy who worked at the tea stall , my paa often had a word with him and tipped him 10 bucks everyday and at that very instant the boy used to make plans of how he was going to spend it.


the tea stall



The day passed quite impeccably and I just started degenerating the notion of “how much I  hate villages” and then a bamm another surprise , I was asked to accompany my family to the famous shrinathji temple ,  -_- people literally go bonkers over watching an idol who is draped with different pieces of cloth nearly 6 – 7 times a day! and there was no chance for me to compete against those religion driven grandma’s who were so indulged in this practice that the moment the doors were opened, the poor , worn out souls proccured energy boosts to get up from their wheel chairs, lay aside their walking sticks and rush into the house of god; however ,after their race is over the wave of sheer happiness that can be contemplated on their face does percolate the sense of importance within me as attainment of happiness is all that matters :).1654303_373909306082280_2102093190_n


Each and everyday spent was turning out to be of some worth and full of surprises , especially this one :p , while I nearly camouflaged with the essence of Nathdwara  , I also began to explore it …that approximately how much business would a tea stall make in a day or why were the drapes of the god changed these many times! or perhaps how would it feel to go on a long horsedrive 😉 , paa initiated my idea and we hired a horse cart for the evening while everything was okayy the cart driver made the horse take a turn into the lane of dilemma ,yes marriage :p , there they were the groom on his white horse all suited up , his crazy relatives going gaga over the tune of a bollywood song 😀 , the boombastic sound of the crackers obtruding the crowd of their presence…and thats what went wrong! I dont know if it was the wrong choice of song or the crackers that made the horse go nuts, while the cart driver lost control over the horse and it was in a position of turning the cart upside down , the relatives were understanding enough to lower the sound and stop the burning of crackers for a while.And suddenly the marriage rally turned into a funeral walk  until our horse rode away! and then everything turned out to be normal as if the locals were habituated to such scenes , that was quite an evening! ^.^ .


The rest of the days too were injected with the penicillin of unusualness , I thoroughly enjoyed them because I stopped judging moreover comparing, because its not just to do so to something which has a completely different substratum and ideology , because I did not find discomfort I found obligations, I did find culture with a deep deep meaningful history , I missed purity but there was no absenteeism of sanity, contentment and sheer happiness with such microscopic base of living which does not satisfy us.When we were about to bid adieu to Nathdwara , paa while having his tea asked the boy what were his plans for future and he said ” I want to open a larger tea stall” dad exchanged a smirk with the little guy and tipped him a 20 that day and then we left for the station saying goodbye to the simple, contended and no-nonsense  place with a different idea about it cultivated within.


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Nothing lasts forever

It was December 9,2013 when I rejuvenated my inner youth,you all might think that I would have undergone a humongous change or some sort of an obligation…naaahh it was just an ordinary day for me,however,  that day helped me find a space when I could finally rise above those bogus complexities and simply think.

It was all planned,my best friend tanyaa received these invitations to a tea party/jewellery launch.We put on our best attire and head straight towards downtown , and there we were! it was a vintage building with lavish modern cars in the parking lot…the creepers entangled the solid rock pillars striating the balconies …there were huge chandeliers ,   french windows,gargantuan white marble steps. At that moment I could not think of anything else but capturing every tiny bit of this outing in my album of memory.

Along my contemplation I could hear the owl city track in my head (what were the lyrics umm….yea..i’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slooooowly 😛 ;)) hehe well what do you expect I’m 16! while we reached the 3rd floor and opened up the door we saw a couple of chic ladies having tea ,Anita vasvani was one of them (P.s anita vasvani is the jewellery designer of the collection urban chic.)We went up to them and introduced ourselves…she showed us around and displayed  a couple of pieces from her new collection personally!. Anita was quite chirpy and amiable..while she showed us around she wasn’t under the impression that she was conversating with two 16 year old gals,she explained the idea behind this collection of hers and described a couple of pieces which could actually reflect one’s personality…how cool right!.

After “the blind yourself with bling session” we left the old vinatge building and planned to sooth ourselves with a lodestar lesson yes..am talking about the queen’s necklace ^.^. I don’t understand why but that place seems special to me, I do feel at times that I can share a real conversation with myself out there…the impeccable wind ,the consecutive change in the colour of the sky which can be contemplated in the deep waters along with those gargantuan rocks along which the sound of the waves splashing against the huge rocks makes a harmonious tune ; it all seems to be a perfect setting for a perfect day… a perfect thought.

And then it was time for us to head home,(heheheh) we did return,however we weren’t done yet! there was a college dj party we had to attend  , so we switched our modes from classy to paarrrtyyy 😉 , we grooved along some avicci and bollywood tracks and I ended the day with a new quotient of sense within me.The sense of freedom..well at times my words if analysed do seem a model of exaggeration , however, some of the teenagers  out there culminate the sense of freedom  by a bottle of booze or buying a new pair of heels, and some have elevated their level of literally earning freedom and this is me… exploring different regions of the society and becoming a model of camouflage,its  all I want to do and the best part of this is that we hardly put in efforts for accumulating such experiences…they simply pass by ..all we need is a keen eye to help us grab onto such opportunities. So go out there explore! elevate the primitive level of thinking that our lives are pre-designed to study at this point of time and socialise or cultivate something productive in future..for us it all starts now and all we can get in handy from such gestures is fragments of ourself…and I guess its worth the gesture 😉

-dreamer 9776


thats me ( in right ) and tanyaa


Me- the dissolute alchemist

While  I was indulged in lamenting over the typical shitty 16 year old crap , I made an attempt to steer my being in some other activity,and what can be more interesting than cultivating oneself into blogging!.

However,blogging is not a pass time for me anymore…it has become something that helps me take a quick drive down my memory lane and meet my sincere side,for instance when I started writing where’s my cocoa and received a decent response I felt that the materialistic quotient that once used to reside in my top floor hasn’t left the building!,however,after I went through a couple of  pieces which I had written earlier I realized that a humongous change can be contemplated in my writing!.

So okay…this is quite personal- earlier I used to never showcase my work and I always used to be concious and judgemental about it and hence I never gave anyone else a chance to analyse it ; well out of all my writings this one’s special to me and I have no idea why it is so :p.

Umm..so this is how it goes, our English teacher made an attempt to experiment with our creativity by taking us to our school garden and contemplate the miniature nature model and what I came up with was this:

      Since a garden is a miniature ostentation of nature…which in comparison to the dense woods is next to cipher,but helps me exalt the sparse rays of the sun trespassing through the leaves which are weaved amongst each other as if they are living the age of fastidious juvenile.The delightful touch of humidity with drops of dew enthroned upon them…the docile and introvert soil anticipating to make me realize its presence through its earthy smell,while the inarticulate tiny beings were being quite intellectual as…(and then the book was snatched from my hand and hence the following paragraph is incomplete),I never made an attempt to complete it,I like it this way 🙂

Well to be true there is no need to compare either of my articles pressed or the one’s that lie in my closet unpublished because all of them carry a different essence of me,however, my point of narrating my earlier work and the following is that when we are inclined towards something voluntarily it automatically provides our being a silver lining and it starts being a fragment in the definition of our personality,I myself can distinguish between the before me and the new me however spotting the similarities are as simple as writing this article for me!,after deriving the conclusion of taking up science I could never erase the writer’s materialism within and hence the only conclusion I can reach upto today is that don’t let the circumstances vanish your realism even if you can have a tiny bit of yourself it is worth the gesture :).


Teen poppers

Quoting the gymnastic sweatshirt guy from the movie bad teacher- “XO…XO my love for you is XO..XO…., your smile that I would walk a mile for, about her personality that makes me see….. the best in me,one glance ,one dance….. because together we can achieve baa-lance” ahahahah XD ….I mean seriously!!,is this the level of depth we teenagers posses ? naaahhh we’re way too immature.

We live the teen dream yet we are unable to find the “real us”, we dabble  deep ballads with such lame spelling mistakes,we stalk cute guys/girls on facebook  and try to find out every minute detail about them(well especially their relationship status hehe ;))even though we know very well that we don’t stand a chance with them,we get over the person we love faster than the span we put up the ily statuses for them,our marks don’t grace us ,however ,if our sneakers do not match our socks it definitely will result into a hardcore reason for dilapidation of our confidence.

At the end of the day a tub of frozen yogurt with poppers and a cheek pop song can heal our agitated soul…..and we set ourselves loose by saying the statement”this is the way teens are” however,when I ask myself a question that is this correct? or rather I should ask that are my actions productive? well,usually when we undergo such reality checks the answer we receive  will be in negative terms-No, stalking someone over a social networking site whom I don’t know in person is absurd,putting up a “for life” status for someone who is going to swoosh out of your life within a month or so is not worth,poetry’s with incorrect spellings is suuperr laaame! and at last 16 is way too late to figure out what you really are -__ -.

By analysing such facts one can always be proved to be wrong but woooah this thingy is getting way too complicated,because  a simple conclusion can clear the chaos- how can our actions be called unproductive if it provides you a platter of happiness?;adults achieve a degree in order to analyse our functioning thus who are we to judge ourselves!!…..but the question we are left with is that in such a case what are we supposed to do!In such a case  I would never ask myself to follow my heart because blindfolding your mind can lead to post-disastrous situations thus maintaining the amnion between you and others is very important because at the end of the day considering yourself productive is the most fruitful deed one can perform and trust me…..once you start up with this everything is going to be just fine….. 🙂